How to Easily Move Your Existing Digital Subscription to Our New Client

1. Download the Westchester app from the Apple Newsstand (the App Store on older version of iOS)

2. Once downloaded, select the Apple Newsstand app on your iPad

3. Open the Westchester app

4. Tap on the 'Buy/Restore' button in the top right corner

5. Select 'Restore your Westchester online subscription'

6. It will take you to the login screen—reset the password

7. In the provided field, enter the email address associated with your Westchester Magazine subscription

8. Enter the temporary password: Westchester2014

9. After you have successfully reset your password you are able to download the publication, assuming your subscription is active

To view subscription detail, Tap on 'Buy/Restore' Button, tap on 'View your Westchester online subscription' 

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