Wine & Food Spotlight with Chef Andy Nusser

For the third course of the Tastemaker's event, you can expect a hearty pasta dish.


Photo by Stefan Radtke

The Wine & Food Festival is a six-day food affair, but one of the standout events is An Evening With Westchester’s Tastemakers. It’s a six-course feast with perfectly paired wines showcasing the best chefs in Westchester – one of which is Tarry Lodge’s Andy Nusser.  We named Tarry Lodge one of the Best Italian Restaurants in Westchester back in 2015, and Andy Nusser received his training from the Culinary Institute of America. Here, he gives us a little insight into his dish and this special event.


How did you decide on Lasagna Bolognese?

It seems like this is the fourth of fifth time we’ve done this [event] and I always get tagged for pasta (laughs heartily), which I’m happy about. I’m trying to do something I have not done before and Lasagna Bolognese is a classic and it is on our Tarry Lodge menu. I was excited to create a pasta dish that is baked, layered, and standing tall.


What makes this dish special?

It’s got béchamel, of course, the ragù Bolognese, mini layers of lasagna, basil, and grated parmigiano. It's going to be pretty amazing — it's going to have like three different sauces in it.

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Do you like participating in the Tastemakers event?

Yeah, everyone is buddies by now. Peter Kelly is awesome, he kind of runs the show, and I used to work with Dave DiBari. We all go way back, it’s fun.


Why did you pair the dish with a Masi Amarone 2011?

It’s a rich unctuous sweet wine, which is going to pair well with the meatiness of the Bolognese so it is definitely complementing and not contrasting.


What does it mean to you to be a tastemaker here in Westchester?

Being a New York City chef but also a Westchester chef, I love to represent where I actually live, so it’s an honor to be there.

Interested in tasting Chef Nusser's dish? You can do that and more during An Evening with Westchester's Tastemakers on June 9. 



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