For the ninth year in a row, 914INC. magazine is pleased to honor some of the most successful,
influential, and inspirational female executives, entrepreneurs, and government and nonprofit leaders
in Westchester County with our annual Women in Business cover story and luncheon.

Deadline: Sunday, September 1, 2020

Nominate Yourself or Another as an Entrepreneur

(for women who ​have started their own for-profit business  and are currently the owner, in whole or in part)

Nominate Yourself or Another as an Executive

(for women who work for a for-profit they did not found or do not own, in whole or in part)

Nominate Yourself or Another as a Government Leader

Nominate Yourself or Another a Nonprofit Leader 

(for women who have founded and/or hold a senior position at a nonprofit organization)


Eligibility Criteria:

• Nominee may live anywhere, but must work in Westchester County
• Nominee must have been in her current position for at least one year.
• Anyone (colleague, peer, superior, subordinate, friend, relative) is eligible to
nominate a candidate. Self-nominations are accepted.