Out-of-Town Guests

Great Ways tO make your guests feel at home

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What to expect when you’re expecting out-of-town guests at your wedding: they’ll arrive on planes and trains, and need transportation, food, a bed to sleep in, and maybe something to keep them entertained when there are no planned wedding activities. And you’re supposed to coordinate that on top of everything else? Relax—we did the hard work for you.

Gift Baskets

Couples often include gift baskets left in the hotel rooms of out-of-town guests, filled with information on the wedding, bottles of water, fruit, sweets, chips, and a little something extra (and local) to make them special. Our suggestions:

Anna Shea’s Chocolate-Covered Nuts, $15
Anna Shea
4 S Washington St, Tarrytown
(914) 631-3333
These treats satisfy both salty and sweet cravings and are made right here in the county.
Coffee Labs Roaster’s Brazil Daterra Sunrise Ground Coffee, $12.75/lb
Coffee Labs
7 Main St, Tarrytown
(914) 332-1479
Why make your guests suffer through hotel coffee when you can get one of this coffee shop’s delicious blends?
Goodies from Salinger’s Orchard Farm Market & Bakery, Prices vary
Salinger’s Orchard Farm Market & Bakery
230 Guinea Rd, Brewster, NY
(845) 277-3521
Support the locavorian movement by purchasing jam, honey, or baked goods from one of our local farm markets.
Millbrook Wines with Custom Labels,
Millbrook Vineyards & Winery
26 Wing Rd, Millbrook, NY
(845) 677-8383
Not only is this vineyard close by, but, for a little extra, the folks here will print a custom label for your bottles.
Lots and Lots of Paper, $0
 The worst thing is for guests to feel stranded, so keep them armed with information. Offer take-out menus from local restaurants and gourmet shops, coupons for cool local boutiques, guides or tickets to local attractions and cultural events, and maps or information about transportation, both to and from the wedding and around the county. Some couples getting married convenient to the Metro-North include train schedules, subway maps, and Metrocards for guests traveling from across the country who may want to see New York City as part of their trip East. You might want to include a copy of a certain regional lifestyle publication here, too. (Ahem.)




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