Freeze Frame

Immortalize your wedding bouquet.



Shelley and Dean Andreades, owners of Forever in Bloom in Mount Kisco, take their store’s name to heart and can immortalize your wedding bouquet. Really. But it's not easy. The process takes weeks to complete. Each bouquet is frozen to -20° F, then slowly brought back to room temperature in a giant dehydrator that gently extracts the moisture while, miraculously, leaving the flowers and colors intact. “It’s important to get us the flowers as soon as possible after the ceremony,” Shelley says. “The fresher the flowers, the better the end product.”

Then the bouquet is taken apart, each flower is reinforced, and the bouquet is recreated on a board for display. “Using tweezers, we take off decorative elements, beads and such, and rework the bouquet flat on the board,” says Shelley. Brides can choose shadow boxes or a three-dimensional bubble and can include the wedding invitation, boutonnière, and photographs from the wedding if desired. Bouquets cost from $400 to $600.

Forever in Bloom, 431 Main St, Mount Kisco, (914) 241-1963



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