7 Eye-Catching Table Cards

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Sports Fans

With the Bride working for the NFL and her groom working for MLS, this couple was rather submerged in the world of sports. Though they did not have a sports theme at their very elegant wedding, they did have some fun with the place cards and table names. 

According to Kelli Szluka of Kelli & Company, Inc. in Bedford who put together their stationery suite, guests entered the cocktail hour and were led to a board covered with hanging lanyards. Each guest had an authentic game credential pass (from organizations like the NFL, MLS, and NBA) with their name and table name on it. “It was a fun way to tie in a topic that’s very important to this couple,” says Szluka. “And with some guests even wearing the lanyards, it helped everyone to know other people’s names when they were chatting and mingling.”

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