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Temptation Tea House

Map11A S Moger Ave
Mount Kisco, NY
  • Asian
  • Pan-Asian


Stylishly modern, this Asian Fusion tea house serves more than tea. Enjoy Thai crab cakes, mango grilled shrimp, Japanese pork cutlets, crispy red snapper and frothy tea with milk and pearl tapioca. Open seven days a week. Reservations recommended.

Best of Westchester - Readers' Picks

Best Dim Sum 2004

Best of Westchester

Best New Tea Shop 2004

Best Afternoon Restorative 2007. The English know that nothing erases a bad mood like a cuppa, but even they never saw anything like this. Temptation Tea House is serving that chic Taiwanese import, bubble tea. Made with matcha (a Japanese powdered tea) and tapioca pearls, these variously flavored teas are both delicious and interactive. Our summertime favorite is cold almond (black) milk tea--the tea is strong, frothy, thick and sweet, laced with the marzipan taste of almond syrup. The squishy, neutrally flavored tapioca pearls are perfect for your childish oral fixation--relax as you suck the black, marble-sized pearls through your outsize straw. It's as soothing as a baby's bottle.

Additional Information:

Best of Westchester Winners: 2003
Price: $$
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