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Gordy's Burger House

Map502 New Rochelle Rd
Bronxville, NY
  • Burgers | Hot Dogs
  • Pub
  • Burgers/Hot Dogs


The specialty at this family-friendly restaurant is the perfect burger;10-oz of Angus beef with one of six different cheeses inside a toasted roll. For a change of pace, Gordy's also offers New York strip steaks, grilled salmon, and broiled scallops in their recently remodeled, sports-themed dining room. Open every day for lunch and dinner.

Best of Westchester

Best Burger 2007. What makes a burger terrific? Sure, the meat matters--it needs to marbled with fat (your cardiologist may not want you to know it, but fat; your taste buds know this; tastes good). But so does the cooking method. And owner Gordon MacDonald, Jr, (something about that name and burgers... hmm) hasn't any doubt as to why his burgers are so darn good: it's the char grilling, buddy. Charring the burger on a grill results in a smoky flavor. Plus, you get the grill marks. MacDonald slips his char-grilled 10-ounce Angus burgers between a Bronx-style chewy toasted roll, adds one of six different cheeses, and presto, a heck of a great burger.

Additional Information:

Best of Westchester Winners: 2007
Price: $$
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