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Andy’s Pure Food

Map46 Purchase St
Rye, NY
  • Café


The menu at Andy's Pure Food is vegan—meaning no meat, eggs, dairy, or animal byproduct. All the offerings at the café are minimally processed (no grilling, freezing, or frying) and at most lightly steamed. Popular items to try include sprout Napa salad, red-pepper spread rye bread sandwiches layered with apple, tomato and sprouts; flax crackers spread with almond hummus or avocado, wheat- or dairy-free pies (pumpkin, peach-blueberry crumb or apple), and fresh smoothies in flavors such as goji berry, passion fruit, and mango.


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A smoothie, to most of us, is some milk or yogurt blended with a combo of fruits and sugar. At the mostly vegan, mostly organic Andy’s Pure Food, however, owner Andy Ozgur (a vegan for two years) has taken smoothies to another stratosphere using all organic produce and adding no sugar. There’s the “Energizing” smoothie, made with pineapple, strawberries, bananas, and newly celebrated goji juice (made from a Himalayan berry); the “Wheatgrass Wonder,” made with a mixture of wheatgrass, apple, celery, and goji juice; and the savory “Joy Blast,” combining apple, celery, kale, ginger, and fennel. Ozgur’s freshly blended smoothies adhere to his nothing-artificial mantra and are delicious and refreshing—no wonder they’re Ozgur’s biggest sellers.

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