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Westchester Center for Periodontal and Implant Excellence

Victor Sternberg, DMD, PC
Map141 North State Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY
(914) 762-1885


More than three decades of clinical practice, combined with years of teaching and continuing education have benefitted our patients, enabling thousands of individuals to retain their natural teeth in a state of health, function, and aesthetics.
Combining the newest technology with experience, judgment, and compassion, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art treatment combined with personalized, compassionate care.
Our practice is committed to saving teeth, preserving and restoring the bone around them, as well as preserving and replacing gum tissue. Ultimately, our commitment is to prevent the future recurrence of periodontal disease.
We are excited to share with our patients and fellow clinicians our experience using an exceptionally effective technology to detect and remove bacteria and tartar from under the gum tissue. We are only one of 70 offices in the U.S. that have this technology called Perioscopy. This technology enables us to remove bacteria and tartar from areas that formerly required surgical procedures only. It enables us to not only reduce surgical procedures, but maintain patients who have reoccurring periodontal disease in a nonsurgical manner.
When tooth loss is inevitable or the patient presents with missing teeth, we have been able, for more than 25 years, to provide our patients with the highest level of implant technology available. Whether replacing a single tooth or a mouthful of missing teeth, implant dentistry has given our patients a second opportunity to enjoy a third set of healthy, aesthetic, functioning teeth.
In addition to the perioscope, we employ cone-beam scanning technology that enables us to provide three-dimensional images of the jaw structures for our patients. This enables us to diagnose as well as carefully place implants in a manner that ordinarily would not be possible with traditional dental X-rays.
Our staff is exceptionally well trained to use this technology. Our dental hygienists have mastered the art of Perioscopy, as well a high level of ability in maintaining and treating periodontal patients.
Dentistry can be a frightening experience for many individuals. We strive to make the experience humane, compassionate, and painless utilizing sedation and careful treatment. We are able to treat anxious or phobic patients who have avoided dentistry all of their lives. We never lose sight of the fact that attached to every tooth and implant is a human being whose needs, fears, and concerns become ours. Voted topDentists 2012

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