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Dragon and Crane: An American-Chinese Cultural Center

Map481 Route 202/Stoneleigh Ave
Somers, NY
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Master John Scattaretico oversees the operations in this wooded studio, which he re-designed to be reminiscent of the Shao-lin Temple in China (complete with good Feng Shui). The focus here is martial arts: Tai Chi, Shao Lin, and Kardio Kung Fu for adults and after-school martial arts and Kung Fu for kids. Still, Dragon and Crane offers studies in other types of movement, including Mulan fan dancing, ballroom dance, yoga, archery, and—our favorite—therapeutic massage. All of that works up a mighty hunger, so you might want to stick around for the Saturday-night Chinese cooking classes—and on Mondays there's a language class, too, so you can learn to translate the menu.

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