Build This Floral Centerpiece With Breathtaking Winter Blooms

Cool and collected flowers take center stage in this centerpiece perfect for the season.

Flowers by Krister Sahlen, Rosehip & Linnéa

Photography by Julie Benedetto



“I love winter whites, icy pastels mixed with dark berries, reflecting nature in winter outside where I grew up in the Arctic Circle in Sweden,” says Krister Sahlen.



• Silver Stone roses
• Tibet roses
• White Majolika spray roses
• Viburnum (blue berries)
• Rosemary
• Dusty Miller silver ragwort
• Pearl bluebush​
• Feather leaf acacia
• Seeded eucalyptus 
• Preserved fern



1. Use a low tray and a foam brick.

2. Soak floral foam for 20 minutes.

3. Secure it to the tray with floral tape.

4. Arrange leaves first, then big flowers.

5. Finish with accents.



“For a low table arrangement, these hard-stem flowers work well using either pin frogs and water or in flower foam. Using a softer, hollow stem creates a looser arrangement best supported by a vase.”


Resources: G. Page Wholesale Flowers for preserved fern



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