Seven Timeless Pieces of Furniture

These style staples are guaranteed to never go out of fashion.

With all the changing, moving, and reinventing going on these days, it’s never been more important for we homeowners to select the right furniture that can stay with us for the long run. For sure, the basics—the bed, kitchen table, and sofa—are easy enough. But what about the pieces that give your home personality and flair? As experienced editors, bloggers, and interior designers, my daughter Lauren McGrath and I decided to join forces to help homeowners get it right. In our book, Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces to Carry You Through a Lifetime (Abrams, May 2012), we’ve narrowed it down to seven essential pieces that are so timeless, chic, and flexible, you’ll always find a place (or two, or three—or four!) for them wherever you may go.

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