Kim Freeman’s Zen Bathroom Aesthetic

This home oasis exudes tranquility with tatami mats and double sheer curtains, with a functional dressing area as well.

Interior Designer: Kim Freeman 
Kim Freeman Style & Design 
Architect: Ralph R. Mackin, Jr., AIA 
Location: Bedford Hills
Judges were unanimous in their praise for this peaceful Zen-like sanctuary, a new addition to an otherwise traditional 1880s farmhouse designed to be a haven for a couple with four children. “Custom cabinetry in Douglas fir, tatami mat textured flooring, and a pale celadon wall color contribute to the tranquil ambience, and doubled sheers allow light without compromising privacy,” says designer Kim Freeman.

Lima: This bathroom is flooded with natural light and warmth, but still evokes a modern sensibility with the clean lines and consistent finishes. The warm wood tones are inviting and peaceful, as is the window seat that wraps around the step up into the bathroom. The makeup vanity is elegant and well positioned as a prominent focal point as one enters the space. Continuing this beautiful sightline, the free-standing bathtub evokes traditional lines while sited in front of the Palladian window, creating a stunning symmetrical composition. The Japanese-inspired pocket doors also enhance this view as they frame the entrance to the bathroom. 
Kossar: The drama of the floating tub is enhanced by the light that bathes it from the surrounding windows. In the dressing area, the wood paneling makes this integrated bath and dressing area warm and inviting.
Mintz: The medium-tone wood combined with restful neutrals offers a nice Zen feel, and it has a lovely tub to soak in and contemplate your day.



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