Debra J. Gottleib’s Colorful Living Room Utilizes Unconventional Seating Arrangement

A bold palette highlights sculptural, curved lines while maintaining the room’s practicality.

Mother Nature was the inspiration for this colorful, innovative room, grounded by a sexy serpentine sofa and illuminated by a custom Aqua Creations chandelier that looks as if it has just been plucked out of the ocean.



Whitlock: Fun use of colors and shapes!

LIMA: This living room breaks away from the normative arrangement of furniture, while not losing any of the function. The room is beautifully divided into multiple seating zones, through the use of the curvilinear island-like sofa that grounds the core of the room, allowing for display and smaller seating around the perimeter of the space. The use of color is fresh, bold, and sophisticated. This curvilinear line is carried out in every detail, from the pattern on the rug, to the sculptural end table, to the chandelier and accessories. There is an aquatic wonder that one can sense from this space, and it makes me smile. It’s just a happy, creative, and fun space to experience!

Buscarello: Love the use of color and movement! Each piece is chosen for its uniqueness, yet a sense of organization pervades.

Kossar: Organic shapes and the use of color change the geometric architecture of this space.

Mintz: It’s great to see someone pushing the boundaries, and delighing us with organic shapes and an unexpected color harmony pulled together by the chandelier and an S-shaped sofa.




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