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Designer tips from Brenda Kelly Kramer of Brenda Kelly Kramer Interior Design, Chappaqua

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Best Way to Save Money on Home Decor
BEST WAY TO SAVE MONEY ON HOME DÉCOR: I find amazing one-of-a-kind finds on eBay, at auctions, and at salvage yards. I once fashioned table legs out of newel posts I found at a Horace Greeley House sale. 
FAVORITE RESTAURANT DÉCOR: The Pool Room at the Four Seasons. I love the walls of windows, the shimmering chain curtains, and the four palm trees that surround the bubbling pool in the center. I asked if I could touch the Picasso curtain—I couldn’t believe they allowed me to!
MOST UNUSUAL REQUEST: To put a fridge in a closet. 
FAVORITE PAINT: Benjamin Moore White Dove. I’d paint my car that color if I could.
MOST INSPIRED FEATURE IN A CLIENT’S HOUSE: I used a porthole to conceal a fish tank—very cool.
FAVORITE HOME STORE: The Benefit Shop in Bedford Hills. I bought three chairs for $75 each that the owner of a high-end, mid-century modern store told me would retail for $1,200 each. Another time, I found two Hickory Chair Furniture Co. wing chairs in perfect condition that probably retailed for $2,000 each. Once I slipcover them, they’ll be just like new. 
WORST DESIGN MISTAKE: A client asked for a silk sofa and I obliged. She had three cats. Yikes!
HOT TRENDS FOR 2013: I am going for brown, leathery colors, and purple—love those together. I also love cool, interesting rugs from The Rug  Company. Paul Smith’s Swirl rug makes a room come alive. That’s all you need, and keep the rest simple.
MY FAVORITE MOVIE: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, a 1948 classic starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. It is the classic case of building a home and the costs go through the roof. It is so funny!
PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN THAT I HAVE: Six boys living with me at home.



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