A Bronxville Tudor’s Live-In Kitchen Upgraded with Metallic, Glass and Fiber Accents

A built-in banquette and clever use of the kitchen island make this room ideal for entertaining.

 Kitchen Designer: Terry Scarborough, ASID, CMKBD, CGP
Deane, Inc.

Interior Designer: Linda Zelenko
York Street Studio 

Location: Bronxville
“The clients wanted an updated look that still fit the aesthetic of their Tudor home,” says designer Terry Scarborough, who chose dark walnut cabinetry and a variety of interesting textures: metallic gray leather upholstery, reflective glass backsplash, pony-hide chairs. A peninsula with refrigerator drawers, microwave oven, and electronic equipment separates the kitchen from the sitting area.

Whitlock: Well-integrated seating area.
Lima: This is a true live-in kitchen, featuring multiple zones for working, storage, prep, and cooking. The seamless integration of the round banquette at the end of the space provides a unique solution and maximizes the square footage to allow for large gathering and entertaining. While there is not a tremendous amount of upper cabinetry, this is more then compensated for with the oversized islands, which open up onto the living spaces of the home on either end of the room. 
Kossar: Imaginative, clever use of the kitchen island to create kitchen banquette seating.
Mintz: I can imagine it would be great fun to have breakfast at the built-in banquette.



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