Gimme Shelter

No doubt you’ve noticed: shelter magazines aren’t doing very well. Condé Nast shuttered the beloved Domino magazine—even when readership and subscriptions were going up. Also closed: O at Home, Home & Garden, Cottage Living…I could go on, but it is enough to make a home editor weep.

The good news is, Westchester Home isn’t going anywhere. No, we don’t have our heads in the sand and we know that money is tight everywhere (well, except for the top two percent of earners who should be shopping double-time to help out the rest of us). This county is built around our homes: we gave up the city and other suburbs specifically to settle here and raise our families. Sure, our homes aren’t the nest eggs they once were, but we’re pretty confident that the real estate market will come roaring back, along with other sectors of the local economy.

A Westchester shelter magazine makes sense. We want Westchester residents to shop here (not that big city to the south of us). Our very raison d’être is to let you know about great architects, terrific designers, stunning designs, fabulous new shops and products. Have you or someone you know opened a new home-related business lately? Do you know of a drop-dead gorgeous house or garden? Let us know (send an email to or call me at 914-345-0601, ext 155). After all, we’re all in this together.

Another bit of good news: if you were too busy with the holidays to enter our Kitchen Remodel Contest, now you’ve got until January 31 to do so. Think you've got a stunning kitchen, thanks to a great makeover? Send us your before and after pictures. The best kitchens--your's perhaps?--will be featured in our spring issue. See contest rules and details at And, while you’re there, we invite you to sign up for our WestNest newsletter, for up-to-the minute real estate and home-related news.

Enjoy the issue. We certainly enjoyed putting it together.

Nancy L. Claus
Executive Editor



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