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what price beauty?

If Viking is the Cadillac of ranges, then La Cornue is surely the Bentley, attracting the cultish devotion of chefs like Daniel Boulud and Wylie Dufresne. Pros aside, the French stove’s iconic details—from lusty steel strapping, vaulted oven-ceilings, and handy (and protective) front railings—are sure to trigger salivation in any foodie worth his fleur de sel. Sadly, La Cornue ranges cost buckets, and, with only about 250 dealers worldwide, they’re hard to find. Luckily, Klaff’s has a few models in its showroom right on Scarsdale’s Central Avenue. Feel free to fondle your favorite (and fantasize about sexy color and trim combinations), but don’t say we didn’t warn you: this objet du desire will set you back beaucoup bucks.
La Cornue Ranges ➤ $6,500 to $55,000 Klaff’s of Scarsdale


not the same old grind

You’ve seen these mortars and pestles in Mexican restaurants, probably grinding out mounds of guacamole, but these brawny granite pulverizers are ideal for so much more. Unlike knives (or even food processors), molcajetes work by crushing, extracting the maximum amount of flavor from your food, and producing tastier sauces. Use your molcajete for pistou, pesto, salad dressings, and gremolata—or for grinding more potent whole spices in a flash. Plus, its primal good looks are equally at home framing fresh fruit on your kitchen counter. Vasconia 4-Cup Molcajete ➤ $29.99. Chef Central, Hartsdale 




There are a lot of silly apps out there, but this one has won our hearts. For a mere pittance, Seasons provides a pinpoint roundup of all the seasonal, locally raised fruits and vegetables in your region. It also offers handy color photo references and short descriptions of produce. Plus, a GPS-enabled “auto-detect region setting” to get localized updates wherever you travel in the U.S. and Europe. Seasons iPhone Application ➤ $1.99. Apple Store, The Westchester




the "it" cookbook

This foul-mouthed culinary rock star did more for pork than millennia of breeders, making his tiny, East Village ramen bar a destination of chefs and foodies alike. If you’re unwilling to freeze on First Avenue as you wait your turn for a stool, you now can mimic Chang’s haunting broths at home with the It cookbook of the season. And, to evoke the total Momofuku experience, the writers left in some of Chang’s most colorful language. Momofuku Cookbook, By David Chang and Peter Meehan ➤ $40. Borders Books



instant gratification

Instant-read thermometers can be lifesavers, but only if you know what constitutes food-safe temperatures. OXO’s handy version states federally mandated safe temperatures for poultry, beef, pork, and veal right on its extra-wide dial. Plus, since this thermometer is analog, its battery won’t fail just when you need it—and, just for insurance, its scabbard/pocket clip provides a quick temperature reference, too.OXO Softworks Instant-Read Analog Thermometer ➤ $11.99 Target Stores





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