Diahann Potter’s di Potter Wine Glass Shades

Summer entertaining was never so easy or charming than with these paper toppers shaped to fit over your wine glass. Add an electronic tea light on top for a chic lighting solution to outdoor fun.

Sometimes an idea is so simple and clever that we wish we had thought of it first. But credit interior designer Diahann Potter with these charming di Potter Wine Glass Shades—fine paper toppers shaped to fit over your own wine glasses. Set one atop a glass holding an electronic tea light and—voila!—you’ve a safe and elegant LED votive holder perfect for casual summer entertaining, indoors or out. With two closure tabs for easy assembly, the lampshades unfold flat after use for easy storage. A pack of six—two each in a solid, stripe, and decorative design and offered in a choice of eight colors like golden yellow, isle blue, and emerald green—costs $22. Wine glasses and flameless tea lights not included. To order or for more info: dailygrommet.com



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