Westchester Organization Pros on Creative and Eco-Friendly Ways to Reuse Household Items

Organization pros’ ideas for repurposing household items

“I take an empty plastic milk container, clean it out, and then cut a square about three inches on one side of the container and stuff in plastic garbage bags. Doing this keeps all of your garbage bags organized.”

—Peggy Locastro, Owner

For Your Benefit, Harrison





“I use a toolbox that has different compartments in it for separating and organizing my jewelry.”

—Leslie Josel, Owner

Order Out of Chaos, Larchmont



“An office unit used to organize papers and folders can be used in a bathroom for towels.”

— Manigeh Van Derveer, Owner and Operator, Clearly Organized,

One Room at a Time, White Plains


“To organize long beads and necklaces, I use racks designed for hats and neckties and attach them to the inside of a closet door.”

—Susan Lasky, Owner, Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions, Ossining

“I use a clear shoe bag hung on the back of a closet door to organize small cosmetic and healthcare products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap.” 

—Gwynne Daks, Owner

The Organizer Inc., White Plains

“A good use for square tissue boxes is to put plastic garbage bags in them in the bathroom or kitchen and then you are able to take the bags out one at a time. Plus, the boxes do not take up a lot of space.”

—Linda Samuels, Owner

Oh, So Organized!, Croton-on-Hudson

                           Research by Danielle Berger



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