Our Guide to the Best Hostess Gifts

If your hostess cheerily replies “Just yourself!” when you ask, “What can I bring?” know that she’s lying. In addition to your company, of course, she’d really love one of these.

Text by Laurie Yarnellwith 

research by Calley Ritzzo


Nothing beats a summer’s weekend visit to a dwelling on which you are not making mortgage payments. And, sure, your presence is your present and yada, yada, yada, but let’s get real here. Your hosts have spent days scouring the bathtubs, laying in lots of pricey gourmet goodies, and searching for just the right drawer sachets—and you’re gonna show up empty-handed? We pray not. Want your pals to invite you back next season? Do the dishes, make your bed, arrive with a big smile (“No air conditioning? No problem!”)—and bring one of these.

Hand-Blown Glass Vases by Tracy Glover                          

Ceramic Jugs by Wade Ceramics                                      

Coral Cowhide Leather Trays                                            

Valencia Rosewood and Stainless Steel Serving Tongs by Mary Jurek Design                                                        

Zest Margarita Pitcher                                                        

Rattan and Ceramic Serving Dish                                      

Ceramic Lemonade Pitcher by Mary Lake-Thompson  

Zig-Zag Throws from Open House                                     

Hand-Painted Maple Wood Bowls by Soli Pierce            

Colorful High-Gloss Trays from C. Wonder                        

Monogrammed Beach and Pool Towels                             

Squid Bottle Opener by Vagabond House                                           

Monogrammed Mahogany Carving Board by Soundview Millworks

Clamshell Platter and Scalloped Starfish Bowls by Julia Knight

Faux-Leather Serving Tray from Milieu                             

Destination-Themed Picture Frames                                

Recycled Chopstick Bowl                                                   

Colorful Porcelain Appetizer Plates                                    

Monogrammed Bamboo Throw Blanket                                               





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