(Sub)urban Hip Hop

New Rochelle designer, former director of urban marketing at Tommy Boy and Arista Records, mixes things up.

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Super Boy
Based on the Ferro Lad comic books from the 1960s (the inspiration for her two-year-old son Ferro’s name), the artist Sueworks created a series of paintings to jazz up the room. “Ferro Lad was supposed to be the first black superhero. While that didn’t happen, I like the way this art reflects the hip-hop scene.”





Easy Lighter
London designer Tom Dixon’s work is inspired by motorcycles—in this case, motorcycle helmets. The Mirror Ball light fixture is one of Dixon’s iconic lighting designs. “I bought it at ABC Carpet & Home. I thought the lights were cool and edgy.”





Mixed Media
This original ‘50s chair, covered in cowhide, gets a natty new look, thanks to the eye-popping yellow patent-leather pillow Sanchez–Boyce designed. “I like to mix different eras and different styles and make them work together harmoniously."










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