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Best New Home Shop: Rezidenzia
Patricia von Buelow had us at the front door. Just about everything in her small, filled-to-the-rafters shop made us smile (the brass ants, $105, and giant marble die, $1,500) or go gaga (our front cover’s barnacle vase, $725). She’s got a bit of everything: artwork, furniture, lighting, jewelry, and some sweet little evening bags, gleaned from her 30 years of interior design, traveling, and collecting. We’re hooked. ●●● Rezidenzia, 63 Main St, Dobbs Ferry (914) 479-1010


Best Shop for Mid-Century Modern: Belkind Bigi
Who doesn’t love the glorious work of such design icons as George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, and Arne Jacobsen? Even if the names are not familiar, the designs are: Bubble Lamp (Nelson), Lounge Chair (Eames), Egg Chair (Jacobsen)—and repros can be found just about anywhere nowadays and for good reason. They’re cool. They’re sleek. They’re timeless. But at Belkind Bigi, the original work is not only celebrated, its there—for you to take home. Co-owners Stacy Belkind, a former art specialist at the National Gallery of Art, and Marina Bigi, an expert in American art pottery, were onto that mid-century scene long ago, so go ahead: indulge your inner Mad Man. This is your place for one-stop shopping.
●●● Belkind Bigi, 21 Main St, Tarrytown (914) 524-9626


Best Food Trend: pickling
Foodies rejoice: pickling is back! The hugely popular locavorian movement has raised awareness that locally raised food is tastier (and, obviously, more “green”) than distance-raised. So rather than winter purchases of, say, fat asparagus grown a continent away and harvested 10 days ago, isn’t it better to pop open a jar of your own beautiful spears, preserved within a day of cutting? Not only does pickling zero out food miles and refresh the memory of spring and summer’s harvest, it’s a tradition that nearly evaporated with the advent of frozen bricks of Birds Eye. Which is a shame from an eating POV, because—with its sugar, acids, and spices—pickling is a more interesting preservation technique than freezing. There’s something inherently satisfying about “putting up” veggies and fruit for winter. The jars are beautiful, you know the provenance of the produce, and a well-stocked pantry can feel like money in the bank for the lean months ahead. But if the process is too Little House on the Prairie for your tastes, know there are plenty of places to buy the real deal, like the fennel, cukes, and plums shown here, sold at
●●● Blue Hill Café at the Stone Barns Center for food and Agriculture


Best Fabric "Editor": Joshua Katz »
Joshua Katz of Fabu Fabrics has been involved in more cover-ups in the County than he can count—and, in this case, cover-ups are a good thing. He can take your tired, worn out, or just plain ugly furnishings and transform them to better than new. With thousands of fabrics to choose from, his talent is in finding the three or four that are perfect for any given project, which he does with uncanny precision. His feel for fabric and eye for style make any project with Katz a fab experience.
●●● Fabu Fabrics, 355 Adams St, Bedford Hills (914) 244-9041

Best Design Trend: Modern
It’s taken our county longer than it had, say, Brooklyn or South Beach, but we’ve done more than catch up. Not only has Westchester embraced modern design, but we’re stark raving mad about it. Our restaurants (from X2O in Yonkers to 42 in White Plains), our institutions (check out the very green Jacob Burns Media Lab in Pleasantville), our shops (Elemental Design Concepts in White Plains) are proof positive that modern is the trend for the future. Fast forward.


Best Tabletop Accessory: Jewels
Crisp, white tablecloth and napkins. Sterling-silver knives and forks. Crystal wine glasses. Nice. But to really dress up a table, we like, well, jewelry. After all, we wear jewelry to make a statement—why shouldn’t our tables do the same? We’ve been seeing more and more of our home goods “wearing’ jewels; salad servers embellished with semiprecious gems, napkin-ring “bracelets,” and jewel-encrusted wine coasters.We approve.
●●● SoHo East, 94 Main St, Irvington (914) 693-7296


Best Hardware Look: Vintage
Some things just never go out of style: a Chanel suit, Adirondack chairs, vintage hardware. Why go for cookie-cutter hardware when you can have gorgeous glass orbs, classic mission pulls, and multifaceted knobs dressing up all your cabinets and doors? Shown here are vintage hardware from
●●● KlafF´s, 341 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale (914) 740-1800.




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