2019's Best Landscaping

Photos by Sean Jancski

Sean Jancski

Sean Jancski Landscape Architects


Seen from the street, this home appears to have a natural-style planting design, but as you approach the front entrance, you find that the natural design becomes a more formal garden entrance, with linear hedges and repeating patterns. The axial path from the driveway to the front entrance guides the eye from one end of the path to the other. The formal hedge borders the interior plant beds with looser plantings, which add texture and movement.

Photo: Sean Jancski


Photos by Philip Jensen-Carter

Martin Ginsburg

GDC Rentals


This project is in a location where single-familes homes transition into large, multi-family buildings along the Hudson River. A minimalist design aesthetic was used to reduce its scale. The street landscape was designed to soften the exterior, create separation from the building to the street, and "ground the building to its site.

Contributors: Ginsburg Development Companies, Leoncio L. Torres, Chief Archirtect, Design Architect; Warshauer Mellusi, Warshauer Architects, Architect;


Photos by Heather Knapp

Mitchell Knapp

Scenic Landscaping and Tranquility Pools


A complete property renovation, this design includes a natural extension of the home. Designers used modern and clean lines, and the color palette consists of cool grays and whites. Extensive screening was planted around the entire property, and the marble patio was raised to marry the house and seamlessly transition from the interior to the exterior of the home.


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