Revived Wallflowers

In the mood for a little old-fashioned English romance? You could settle down with a cup of Earl Grey and lose yourself in a Jane Austen novel. Or, better yet, take a page—literally—from The Chelsea Papers, a new collection of wallpapers from Farrow & Ball, the just-across-the-pond company known for its traditional wall coverings and paints.

Drawing inspiration from 19th-century pure silk woven jacquards, the collection is a nostalgic reinterpretation of three classic English patterns, two florals—the delicate Wisteria, with its trail of blossoms, and Peony, a bold, more contemporary, re-imagining of the ornamental flower—as well as the understated yet elegant Petal Stripe. Each design is offered in 20 different color palettes, including vibrant yellows, pinks, and greens, soft pastel shades with a hint of metallic shimmer, and more subtle neutrals and earth tones.

All papers are made-to-order at the company’s 60-year-old Dorset, England, factory, using a time-honored, traditional block-print technique and featuring environmentally friendly, water-based paints on Forest Stewardship Council-approved paper. Rolls (11 yards by 21 inches) in the Wisteria and Peony patterns are priced at $320 each, with Petal Stripe rolls at $230; all are available at Wallauers in Bedford Hills (655 Bedford Rd, 914-241-1666). For more info:



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