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Spring Tidy

A scrupulous cleaning is as much a part of spring as blooms and bike riding. This year, why not go green in the process? Robin Murphy, president of Pleasantville-based Maid Brigade, offers these great eco-friendly tips for the great green season.

• Make your own window cleaner by mixing one-quarter cup of white distilled vinegar, one cup of water, and a half-teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap in a spray bottle.

• To reduce waste and remove chemicals left behind by most cleaning products, try reusable microfiber cloths and mop heads.

• To remove rust, carpet, or fabric stains and to clean your counters, use club soda. After you finish cleaning, give your houseplants a drink—the minerals will help them grow.




The New Terrarium

Westchester Home writer Tovah Martin’s animated tales of local gardens have left many a reader wanting more. Now they’ve got it. Her recently released how-to tome, The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature (Clarkson Potter, February 2009), photographed by Kindra Clineff, introduces us to the world of gardens under glass, a no-fuss way to bring a bit of Mother Nature indoors.



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