A Thing or Twos

For Two’s Company owner Bobbie Gottlieb, changing seasons are a great excuse to swap accessories in her Rye home.

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bud in your eye

This spherical glass vase has a circular opening on its side, perfect for the solitary bloom. “I love bunches of flowers,” Gottlieb says, “but I also appreciate the simplicity of a single blossom. When it’s on its own, every part of it becomes important.”


photo finish

The oldest of Gottlieb’s eight grandchildren presented her with this photo book after she took him on a trip to Italy. Shortly after their return, the resourceful young man compiled his photographs, added text, and self-published this book.


secret sounds

This living-room display includes a bell from Nepal, one from Bhutan, and another from Thailand, all made with metals chosen for their resonance. “People who’ve made bells for a long time won’t tell you what they use,” she says. “They keep it a secret.”





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