A Thing or Twos

For Two’s Company owner Bobbie Gottlieb, changing seasons are a great excuse to swap accessories in her Rye home.

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let me sea

The centerpiece on Gottlieb’s dining-room table is actually a grouping of exotic shells, candles, starfish, and blue-and-white porcelain (sold by Two’s Company) artfully assembled on a woven wicker tray. “It works in any environment, from a contemporary loft to the most traditional, formal home,” Gottlieb says, “but it’s especially wonderful near the water.”


hub cap

Eleven hats hanging on the beam between Gottlieb’s foyer and living room are among the pieces she changes in September and April to complement the seasons. “In summertime, there’s a rice-paddy coolie hat from Asia, a Venetian gondolier cap, a safari hat, and an oversized pink sun hat,” Gottlieb says. “During the winter, we have a fez from Turkey, a gendarme cap from France, a hat from Scotland, and other cold-weather headwear.”


and so it rose

A three-foot-wide blue compass rose, hand-painted on the antique wood floor, indicates the home’s north, south, east, and west. “When you come in, there’s so much focus on what’s outside,” Gottlieb says. “I thought it was important to know which
direction you’re facing.”




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