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A Miraculous Garden Makeover

A run-of-the-mill backyard becomes a family’s outdoor dining room, family room, and playground.

Here Are The Flowers You Should Be Planning On Planting This Spring

Rosedale Nurseries’ Pat Colwell, with her finger on the pulse of what to plant, tells us what’s in this spring.

A New Slant On Gardening

A breathtaking Westchester masterpiece on a precipitous slope provides lessons for anyone similarly inclined.

Our Favorite Pieces Of Home Décor Available Around The County Now

Spice up your home with new takes on the bathroom and the kitchen.

With These Tips, Say Goodbye To Bugs At Your Barbecues

From scientifically proven repellents to old wives' tales, follow these steps to never let pests ruin another outdoor party.

A Garden To Inspire And Amaze

Sometimes a garden is created for the owners’ pleasure, but this masterpiece of landscaping is all about drawing in the next generation and beyond.

Save This Date—And Westchester's Gardens

Join plant pathologist Margery Daughtrey to learn about local plant diseases and how you can combat them.

The Winter 2014 Editor's Memo

Nancy Claus on what went into our latest issue.

A Scarsdale Garden That's Perfect in Every Season

Only a maestro can make a garden that’s beautiful even in winter.

Westchester’s Greenest Home & Garden Experts

Whether you’re focused on landscaping, heating or any other aspect of your home, there’s no shortage of resources and expertise available in Westchester County.

Westchester’s Home & Garden Service Providers

Whether you’re looking to renovate, build an addition, or spruce up your bedroom, these local businesses and experts are here to help.

Must-Have Home & Garden Accents for Summer 2013

Summer shelves are stocked with bright pops of color, modern furnishings, and ethnic motifs in fabrics and accessories.

Home and Garden Tours in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Put these du Pont family estates on your to-do list for this summer, and soak up 200 years of history in the process.

Brandywine Valley Home and Garden Tours: Winterthur

This estate, founded by Henry Francis du Pont, showcases the work of American craftsmen in the mansion’s 175 rooms. Don’t miss out on the 60-acre garden, either.
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