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A Miraculous Garden Makeover

A run-of-the-mill backyard becomes a family’s outdoor dining room, family room, and playground.

Picking the Perfect Tree For Your Yard

Every home needs a few well-chosen trees to cast shade, delight birds, and furnish a protected spot for a picnic. Here’s help for choosing trees wisely.

Long-Lasting Blooms

Give your garden continual color with these late bloomers, recommended by Sean Jancski, owner of Sean Jancski Landscape Architects in Rye.

Container Gardens Made Easy

Helpful tips from Amodio's Nursery in White Plains.

Grow the Same Flavorful Produce Found at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Dan Barber teams up with plant breeders to launch a chef-driven seed company.

What’s One Thing You Do to Get Your Home Ready for Summer?

We ask local design experts to key us in on their secrets.

Get Your Garden Primed With These Spring-Planting Tips

Plus, some early blooms to start planting in March.

Why You Should Be Buzzing About Amaryllis

Strikingly beautiful, fast to bloom, and a cinch to host — just a few good reasons to gift an amaryllis.

Here Are The Flowers You Should Be Planning On Planting This Spring

Rosedale Nurseries’ Pat Colwell, with her finger on the pulse of what to plant, tells us what’s in this spring.

A New Slant On Gardening

A breathtaking Westchester masterpiece on a precipitous slope provides lessons for anyone similarly inclined.

Our Favorite Pieces Of Home Décor Available Around The County Now

Spice up your home with new takes on the bathroom and the kitchen.

With These Tips, Say Goodbye To Bugs At Your Barbecues

From scientifically proven repellents to old wives' tales, follow these steps to never let pests ruin another outdoor party.

A Garden To Inspire And Amaze

Sometimes a garden is created for the owners’ pleasure, but this masterpiece of landscaping is all about drawing in the next generation and beyond.

Save This Date—And Westchester's Gardens

Join plant pathologist Margery Daughtrey to learn about local plant diseases and how you can combat them.
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