People to Know: Rad Opacic

With more than 30 years of experience as an architect, Radoslav Opacic is known for creative solutions for specific needs. Here he shares what inspires him, what keeps him going, and where he loves to shop.

Architecture by Rad Opacic

Who: Architect Rad Opacic, Radoslav Opacic Architects, Irvington

Design Philosophy: To create structures, both traditional and modern, with a quiet elegance that revolve around the progression of gracious spaces and the capturing of light and views throughout.

Inspiration: Growing up in the former Yugoslavia, I was always captivated by the amazing examples of Italian Renaissance architecture all around me, as well as the postwar structures that were being built at that time.

Top Tips: High ceilings transform spaces. They not only make rooms feel more spacious, but they offer opportunities for capturing more light and greater sky views.
The main stair is the key ingredient to a graceful circulation pattern in the home. It should be designed to offer comfortable movement and visual interest between floors, and can offer a bit of beauty in one’s daily routine. Never stop at “good enough.” There are always solutions that can improve the functionality of the design without compromising the aesthetics. Always strive for “amazing.”

Hottest Trends: Hot design trends aren’t my focus. Finding new and innovative ways of solving a design problem — specific to the project at hand — is much more exciting to me and tends to have a longer shelf life than trends.


Go-To Home Design

Shelter Magazines (Other than Westchester Home):

Architectural Record

Westchester Shops/Showrooms:

Marble America (New Rochelle):stone and tile
Radio Guy & Early Electrics (Peekskill): lighting and one-of-a-kind objects
Au Ciel (Irvington): interior and floral design
Klaffs (Scarsdale): plumbing fixtures
Katonah Architectural Hardware (Katonah): architectural hardware

NY Shops/Showrooms:
Ingo Mauer: “a lighting museum”
Bendheim Glass: specialty glass
Chesneys: stone fireplace mantels
H. Theophile: custom door hardware
Hudson Company: reclaimed/custom hardwood flooring
The Apartment by The Line: precurated home furnishings

Philippe Starck: Duravit plumbing fixtures, Starck Collection
Sophie Mallebranche: woven metal screens


Products he loves


1. La Cornue stoves“Le Chateau” series

Klaffs, Scarsdale


2. WETSTYLE tubs/“Cube” or “Be” collection (matte finish)

Klaffs, Scarsdale

‚Äč“Made from a more eco-friendly material than acrylic, these tubs act as beautiful, free-standing sculptures, with the crisp lines of the architectural ‘Cube’ collection or the soft curves of the more sensuous ‘Be’ collection.”


3. Zero-clearance glass fireplace doors (Stoll Fireplace/ZC Trimline)

Kelloggs & Lawrence, Katonah


4. Neolith porcelain sheets

Marble America, New Rochelle


5. Vogue black marble

Marble America, New Rochelle


6. Butcher block work surfaces

Brooks Custom, Mount Kisco


7. Clay chimney tops (Superior Clay Corp.)

Bedford Stone & Masonry, Bedford


8. Rustic Tambour lamp

Radio Guy & Early Electrics, Peekskill


9. Harmon hinges

Katonah Architectural Hardware, Katonah


10. Wagenfeld lever (modern application)

Katonah Hardware, Katonah

“This clean, no-frills lever design is minimal without being institutional.”  


11. Henry faucets

Waterworks, Greenwich


12. Sun Valley bronze gate latch (traditional application)

Katonah Architectural Hardware, Katonah


13. Custom stained glass

LaRanger Studio, Carmel


14. Robert Josten cast-aluminum dining chairs 

Radio Guy & Early Electrics, Peekskill

“These lovely chairs have an industrial look, but the intricate design of the tarnished frame against the polished wood seat transforms them into interesting pieces of art.”  


15. Klassik stainless-steel rolling library ladder

index-d, Bridgeport, CT

“This jewel of a ladder is an elegant, minimal way to conveniently access storage in high spaces.”



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