The 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Westchester

We’ve scoured the county for the most beautiful abodes: peeking over fences, bumping along dirt roads, even taking to the water to find these 10 perfect gems. We know you can't judge a book by its cover, but, in this case, its only the outside that counts. Call us superficial, but we rated these homes strictly on face value.

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16 Lake Rd, Rye
Built: 1996 | Architect: Paul Benowitz | Why We ❤ It: This classic 6,445-square-foot Colonial has two open porches, perfect for sipping G&Ts while watching the sun set over Van Arminge Pond.

45 Lounsbury, Croton-on-Hudson
Built: 1937; renovated 2008 | Architect: Julie D. Evans
Why We ❤ It: It's ture: size doesn't matter. Although this mid-century wood, stone, and glass house with a striking flat roof is "only" 2,200 square feet, it had us at first glance. We’re not the only ones smitten: the redesign of the decks, terraces, and sunroom netted the architect an AIA citation in 2008.

15 Middle Patent Rd, Armonk
Built: 1961 | Architect: Jens Quistgaard | Why We ❤ It: It’s not too often we see a Scandinavian-designed house in Westchester, and the best views of this 7,100-square-foot, mid-century modern, nestled atop stone cliffs in a woodland garden, are from the 10-acre lake on the property. The intriguing rooftop peaks, peeking through the woodlands, certainly piqued our interest.

Pocantico Hills
Built: Early 20th century; renovated 2004 | Architect and Builder: Michael McCann | Why We ❤ It: Looking
at this gorgeous 4,200 square-foot home—the handsome granite façade, cedar wood shingles, and eyebrow windows—and we’re instantly transported to the Cotswolds. Crumpets anyone?

Photo by Ron Papageorge



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