The 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Westchester

We’ve scoured the county for the most beautiful abodes: peeking over fences, bumping along dirt roads, even taking to the water to find these 10 perfect gems. We know you can't judge a book by its cover, but, in this case, its only the outside that counts. Call us superficial, but we rated these homes strictly on face value.

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9 Heathcote Rd, Scarsdale
Built: 2006
Architect: Cal Petrescu Architecture & Design
Why we chose it: Perhaps the most traditional house we chose, this 8,100 square-foot-classic Colonial makes us want to order up calling cards, pull on some white gloves, and host an elaborate tea, a concert grand tinkling softly in the background. Hey, we can dream.

The Maplemoor, Sutton Farm, Chappaqua
Built: 2003 | Architects: Carol JW Kurth, Christine Lent | Why We ❤ It: "Is this one house?" asked an inquisitive admirer.You bet. One glorious, shingle-style farmhouse that, while relatively new, looks as if it has given shelter and solace to a slew of lucky families for a century or two.

2 Clifton Place, Irvington
Built: 1853 | Architect: Detlef Lienau | Why We ❤ It: New is so overrated. Old homes (try mid-19th century) were built by real craftsman, true artisans—folks who took great pride in their work. For good reason. Historically this magnificent one-and-a half-centuries-old, 14,000 square-foot mansion had been hailed as the most elegant villa on the Hudson. We understand why. Just have a look.

Crowfields, 524 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford
Built: 1929 | Architect: Mott Schmidt | Why We ❤ It: Bedford's Guard Hill estate area has more than its share of eye-catching manses, but this distinguished 6,000-square-foot Georgian surrounded by glorious gardens has a quiet elegance and peaceful ambience that we suspect helped drop our blood pressure levels with just one look.

104 Upper Lakeshore Drive, Katonah
Built: 1965; renovated 2010 | Architect: Bjorn Slate, Fivecat Studio | Why We ❤ It: Modern doesn’t have to be bizarre or stark. As proof, we present this relatively small—2,685 square feet—house with super-clean lines, super-simple design, and a super-gorgeous look.

Photo by Scott LePage Photography


1330 Journey’s End Rd, Yorktown Built: 1995 | Architect: William Shaffer | Why We ❤ It: We don't see a house like this every
day, particularly one with a three-story turret, perhaps designed to secret away a modernday Repunzel? The stone facade and wooden tresses add to the fairy-tale quality of this fanciful 8,050-square-foot Adirondack-style home.




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