Chris Madden

The Multi-million-dollar Home maven, A purchase resident, chooses her most cherished possessions.

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Tea Time Madden collects tea towels because “they’re both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. And I happen to be a lover of textiles.” Her assortment hails from across the globe. “I like to use them because they take me back to places I’ve visited.”


Up Against the Wall A boxful of old architectural books acquired at auction held an ingenious solution for the Maddens’ foyer. Images from pages of the books—photographs and measured illustrations of English Tudor manor houses— are decoupaged onto the walls. “Many of these images have the flavor of this house. Normally, I wouldn’t tear books apart, but these were falling apart anyway.”


Spiritual and Serene This early 20th-century wooden Buddha, which resides on a table by the Madden home’s rear entryway, “represents a sense of calm and serenity when you enter our home,” Madden says. “It is one of the many Buddhas I collect that reflect my interest in all things spiritual.” Accompanying the statue are talismans: a key and three old coins from Hong Kong. “For me, keys signify home and haven.”

 “This one came with one of my early designs. And I got the coins on my first trip to Asia. Both remind me of where I have been.”




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