Buy Buy, Recession

We keep reading that the recession is over, about glimmers of hope and sprouts of green shoots. Now, I’m as optimistic as they come, but all I can say is: recovery—we are ready any time you are! And readers? We invite you to shop—locally—as your patriotic duty.

Ready to be a patriot? Turn to our cover story: we dare you not to want to dash out of your house, a credit card safely tucked inside your wallet, to purchase a few (more than a few?) of our fabulous finds. After all, we know it’s difficult to resist great design, and that it’s even more difficult to resist great design coupled with great prices—a winning combination, don’t you think? We readily admit that not every item we discovered will be considered modestly priced by everyone (after all, what is affordable to some is prohibitive to others) but, as interior designers advise, when decorating a home, you needn’t spend a lot of money—money, we all know, can’t buy good taste—but you also needn’t be afraid to splurge on a few items that you love. Some things are worth breaking the bank for. Not sure that sofa or sideboard is worth it? Here is a tip an interior designer once gave me when I was having a mini panic attack while about to buy a hugely expensive buffet: walk away—and see how you feel; see if you just can’t live without it. If you can’t…you know what to do. I, by the way, bought the buffet. And? Even my frugal husband loves it.

That buffet? It’s sleek and modern—any wonder it is made of stainless steel, a material that has had us design devotées in its grip for decades now? Today, stainless steel kitchen appliances are practically de rigueur. Stainless countertops, stainless hoods, stainless racks, stainless water bottles—we’ve grown used to those. But stainless floors? One day, Creative Director Halina Sabath, Executive Editor Nancy Claus, and I went on a field trip to visit a new design shop and found ourselves standing on, yes, stainless steel floors. What else is being produced in stainless? We decided to find out. Turn to page 40 to see what we discovered.

There’s much more here for you to discover. I’ll let you have the pleasure of discovering it on your own. Enjoy!

Esther Davidowitz

PS: For our next issue, we are holding a Great Kitchen Contest. If you know of a gorgeous kitchen, you might want to let that gorgeous kitchen's owner know about the contest or, if you happen to be the owner of a spectacular kitchen, enter it yourself. To find out how, search the words “Kitchen Contest” or call (914) 345-0601 ext. 145. We will showcase the winners in our pages.



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