A Labor of Love

An artist finds a diamond in the rough and hones it into a multi-faceted gem.

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Beyond the kitchen is a covered outdoor terrace designed to take full advantage of the vistas. A 100-year-old grape arbor frames the view of the vineyard. (The 20 vines yield between two and three cases of wine each year.) To the right is a long stretch of neatly manicured lawn, meeting up with wetlands. Adirondack chairs are lined up by a firepit, at the ready for making s’mores.

“It feels like Tuscany here,” says Crary. “I walk out here and step into a completely different environment from where I’ve been working all day.” Indeed, home from work, Crary dons gloves and tends to his vines as Schmidt-Crary sits with feet perched on the antique coffee table from ABC Carpet sipping the house Frontenac wine, semi-feral cats lolling in the late afternoon sun, just out of reach.

“This house has had many lives,” she says. “This is a new one. I think this type of living is the way of the future, having more private spaces, smaller structures used for different purposes, instead of having one huge house where you only use a few rooms at a time.”


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