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The 7 Rules Of DIY You Must Know Before Tackling A Project Yourself

An editor’s bathroom renovation story, and useful tips for any DIY project at home.

The Uber Business Model Comes To...Outdoor Home Care?

It seems like every industry—private helicopter rides, anybody?—is being influenced by the Uber-pioneered service-by-smartphone model, and home care is no different. Here's how it works.

The 5 Things That Make A Guest Room Truly Awesome

Little details can add up to make a big difference when it comes to pulling together the perfect guest room.

6 Chic Outdoor Finds From IKEA (That Won't Cost An Arm & A Leg)

Finding décor and furniture that's both durable enough for outdoor use and attractive enough that you actually want to display it can be difficult. That's where IKEA comes in.

14 Stunning And Innovative Outdoor Rooms

Creating an outdoor room takes some inspiration. Lorri Elder Dyner of Return To Home Interiors shares her favorite looks and trends.

Beautiful Colors To Liven Up Your Walls For Spring

Colors that caught our eye.

In Search Of A Red Bamboo Chair

Ever since seeing Michelle Adams’ living room in an old issue of Domino Magazine, Lorri Elder Dyner of Return To Home Interiors knew she would have a red bamboo chair in her life some day.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Painting Perfect Doors

Lorri Elder Dyner of Return to Home Interiors walks us through the simple secrets of painting the perfect interior door.

Have You Seen The Skinniest House In Westchester?

The just 10-foot-wide home has a rich history to share, but its future is uncertain.

6 Chic Spring-Themed Pillows

Stylize a room's look without breaking the bank with these seasonal springtime picks.

3 Rules For Picking The Perfect Stair Runner

Before you invest in a staircase cover, consider these guidelines.

Relive The Gatsby Age In This Historic And Storied Manor

A 1920s Croton estate captures history and imagination.

5 Coffee Table Books For The Modern Home

Here are some of the volumes accessorizing our tables right now.

6 Stylish Choices For Easter Décor

It is the perfect time to put away those cozy winter accessories and dust off your spring décor and maybe get a few new items specifically for the holiday. Here are some of my favorite that I have at home or that I want to have in my home.

What Are The New Neutrals?

The idea of netural is now being redefined, here are the colors you should be seeking.

4 Easy Steps To Making The Perfect Console Table

A decorator's guide to styling a beautiful and balanced table.

The Perfect Family Home

In this Rye residence, designer Sara Gilbane brings color, texture, and pattern to the forefront and emphasizes comfort. The result is the perfect formula for a chic, modern-day family.

Designing A True Family Kitchen

A dark and dysfunctional kitchen gets a major overhaul—and the results are stunning.

Here Are The Flowers You Should Be Planning On Planting This Spring

Rosedale Nurseries’ Pat Colwell, with her finger on the pulse of what to plant, tells us what’s in this spring.

The Art Of Style & Organization For Kids

15 easy tips you need to keep in mind when designing your child's room.

Top Trends, Ideas, Tips, And Accessories For Family Living

We asked several local and nationals designers to share their favorite furniture, ideas, tips, accessories, and more for stylish and comfortable family living. Here’s what they said.

The Beautiful Style Of Bedford

Country charm with historic properties and urbane sophistication.

The New Industrial Revolution: Industrial Chic

Industrial-inspired furniture, accents, and artwork have never looked so stylish.

The Best Tips For Creating A Classic And Chic Look At Home

Designer Laurel Bern shares what drives her and gives her invaluable insight on design.


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