Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor

Rare weaponry and armor of ancient culture at the Katonah Museum of Art.

The Peacock In Beauty And Art

The Hudson River Museum is displaying works of art featuring the prismatic bird's representation in the arts throughout the ages.

Q&A With Chappaqua Arborist Bill Davies

Just what exactly is an arborist, and how can one help your property?

Bedding To Fall For (Or On)

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Beautiful Lighting Fixtures You Should Add To Your Home

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Lunch & Lecture At Concordia College's OSilas Gallery

The Bronxville college's program is a great way to learn how to navigate the art market.

In And Around Westchester, Intriguing Items For Your Home

Furniture from the Hudson Valley, hip home décor, and glamorous glass for your consideration.

In Briarcliff Manor, Serenity With A View

Slope master Jan Johnsen embraces a property’s steep contours to reveal a hidden treasure.

Make A Room Of Any Size Seem Hospitable

Call it a post-McMansion, suburban problem—rooms that are actually too big. How to deal?

Explore Westchester Magazine’s 2014 Dream Home

First there was the arts-and-craft-style home in Armonk; then, the townhouse on the Hudson River. This year we’re headed to the Ritz-Carlton.

New Collections We Suggest Looking Into

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Westchester County Home Market Watch

If you think magical waterfront living in Westchester is reserved for a wealthy few, think again.

From Westchester Suburbia To Panama’s Mountains, And Loving It

Forget electricity and running water—home is where the heart is for one Westchester-bred 20-something.

On The Market, Locally: Art, Jewelry, And Memorabilia

Pop-up galleries, online auctions, and up-and-coming talents offer collectors sound (but affordable) investments.

How To Improve Cell Signal At Home & At Work

Most people experience reception issues when they go in and out of cell tower range, but what do you do when you are at home or at work?