Safely Back Up Essential Appliances without Extension Cords

Special Offer on Emergency Power Bundle Generator & Power Transfer Kit installation in Westchester


Safely Backup essential appliances without extension cords and receive a special price for Westchester Magazine readers.


During a power outage, skip the hassle of running multiple extension cords from your generator to your appliances. Instead, connect your portable generator to a permanently installed manual transfer switch. A manual transfer switch allows you to safely switch from utility to portable generator power in an emergency, and power critical circuits through your home’s electrical system.

    Emergency Power Bundle Generator & Power Transfer Kit


$ 2,950.00

Complete Package Includes :
•    Professional installation and set up of all equipment below. (Within 2’ of electrical panel )
•    Detailed explanation on proper use and maintenance.
•    Full tank of gas and oil 

6,500W Generator

•Provide emergency power to your panel when you need it most
•Ideal for restoring power to mission-critical appliances

7.2-Gallon Steel Fuel Tank w/ Fuel Gauge

•Provides up to 10 hours of power at 1/2 load

Heavy-Duty Cradle & Mobility Kit

•Protects the generator and makes it easy to move

30-Amp Manual Transfer Kit For 6-10 Circuits 

•30-Amp Non-Metallic Power Inlet Box
•10' 30-Amp Power Cord
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