Thompson’s Cider Mill


Photos Courtesy of Thompson's Cider Mill

Thompson’s Cider Mill, located next to the Teatown Lake Reservation in Ossining, has been making fresh-pressed apple cider since 1975. Owner Geoff Thompson, who was working part-time for Teatown at the time, tried hand-pressed cider for the first time at a special event where Teatown had visitors make cider from antique presses. Since then, the operation has grown, and Thompson now cranks out up to 250 gallons of cider each weekend, September through December. And while they don’t have actual apple picking, Thompson's Cider Mill does allow visitors to watch fresh cider being made on Saturday mornings, as well as tons of delicious pies, cider donuts, and local honey.

Thompson’s Cider Mill
(914) 271-2254

Geoff Thompson and his cider press


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