All Decked Out

Westchester audio-systems designer has a sound idea


The hills are alive with the sound of music—and so, too, can your backyard be if you’ve picked up some new PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding. Spun from the mind of Westchester designer Art Powers Jr., these cunning creations were made to produce high-quality sound seemingly out of thin air. 

Powers Jr. was essentially born into the A/V business, having practically grown up in his father’s audio store. He says he created PlanterSpeakers for audio company Madison Fielding because he was never satisfied with the options for outdoor speakers. “When I set out to do this, I really wanted to parallel indoor sound, and no one else was doing that,” says Powers Jr., who first built the speakers in the back of his former Port Chester studio. The speakers have 10-inch subwoofers built in, for extra-resonant bass. But, as Powers Jr. points out, the units are not just aesthetically pleasing and functional but eco-friendly, too. PlanterSpeakers’ newest model, the Piermont, is made out of natural teak, which is sustainably grown on a farm in Costa Rica. Other styles include flagstone, lattice, sedona, and terra cotta/granite and are available at a variety of retail dealers throughout Westchester and Connecticut. 




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