Where To Get Athletic Training Like The Pros

At ML Strength in White Plains, technology gives golfers and tennis players professional-level training opportunities.


There’s Gary, my good-natured hubby, with a large wooden dowel raised above his shoulders, lunging, balancing on either foot, and doing squats, all while being videotaped in front of a “functional movement screen.” We are at ML Strength (White Plains 914-437-8484; www.mlstrength.com), a gym that borrows elements of a professional training facility, where he is undergoing the initial evaluation of its ML Elite Golf Program. Founded by Dana Cavalea, the former strength and conditioning director for the Yankees, the program helps regular golf (or tennis) players get pro-athlete-level training.

This 75-minute evaluation ($199) includes a coach/athlete interview as well as rotational-power, postural, and goniometric and movement efficiency testing. Once all the data is collected and analyzed, Head Performance Coach Chris Kievit outlines a training plan. Depending on the package, small group (or “pro”) training sessions cost about $60; one-on-ones (“elite”), $100 each.

“So,” I ask Kievit, “can you turn him into a Tiger Woods, minus the cheating-on-the-wife part?” His reply: “He’ll be the best version of Gary that he can be." Even Lindsey Vonn would be sold. 



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