Pet Contest Winner: Bogart

A 6-year-old male Goldendoodle.


His humans: Kelli Douglass (quoted) and Mark Voeltz of White Plains

His looks are: Unique. He is 105 pounds, but has so much hair that he looks like a 120-pound Gund stuffed animal.

Best word to describe his personality: Charismatic.

Sweetest behavior: He is so fluffy and affectionate for a big dog so everyone loves to snuggle and play with him. If you say, “belly rub,” he’ll lie on his back and wait.

Fave toy:  His decapitated alligator that has 16 squeakies—well, 11 now. He carries it everywhere—it’s been found in neighbors’ houses and even on a driveway in Mahopac and always finds its way back to us!

Party trick: He loves to push his paw down on presents under the Christmas tree to see which ones squeak and then opens them. He’s never opened a present that wasn’t his.

Unique skill set: He is a great guard dog, excellent with children, and very protective of his family.

Special talent: Bogart makes everyone smile—he has visited nursing homes and Blythedale Children’s Hospital to deliver toys at Christmas. If you aren’t smiling, 10 seconds with Bogart and you will be. Celeb he most resembles: He’s got Don King hair when it’s not cut short.

Most annoying habit: Jumping into any body of water.

Often spotted in: The water. He likes streams, ponds, mud, pools, the beach, et cetera. If there is water, he wants in.

Chows down on: Porterhouse steak from Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse in Rye.

If he were famous, he’d be: Jimmy Fallon, hosting the pet version of The Tonight Show on Animal Planet.

Detests: Feathers. He backs away and barks and then snaps and tries to eat them.

Naughtiest antics: He once jumped into a corporate park’s decorative pond—waterfall and all—and when security requested he get out, Bogart absolutely refused.

His wardrobe includes: A ‘Bitches Love Me’ shirt and a four-piece tux—including a top hat—that he wore at our wedding as his dad’s ‘best doodle.’

Check out: His ‘dapper doodle’ photo album on his website ( for snaps.

Signature moment: One hot summer day, our neighbor came out of her back door to find Bogart lounging in her hot tub—they keep it cold in the summer. She said all he needed was a cigar and a Scotch!      

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