Humor: Westchester’s Inability to Name Towns

Deconstructing the map

illustration by ADAM NUNEZ

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Even though I’m from Albany, I’ve been writing for this magazine for over a decade. I’ve written articles on golf and golf courses, roller derby, bachelor parties, the DMV manual, the Westchester green movement, and New Age therapy for basset hounds. 

It’s a cool magazine to write for, and Westchester County, which by now, I’ve been all over, is an interesting place with no shortage of interesting tales to tell.

One complaint: What is it with you people and naming cities, towns, and villages?

It’s been bugging me since my first assignment.

Nancy, my editor for that article, mentioned something about Doral Arrowwood and how it would make a nice addition to my piece on golf courses. I still remember the call.

“You should check out Doral—it’s supposed to be really nice,” Nancy said.

“Great,” I said. “Where is it?”

“Somewhere in Rye or near Rye,” Nancy said.

Perfect. Time for a road trip. Just head south on the Thruway, maybe grab some lunch on the way, talk to some guy in a pastel-colored short-sleeve shirt about bent grass and undulating greens, and I have myself a nice day. 

Around Catskill I typed “R-Y-E” into my GPS. This is what came up:

“City of Rye”

“Town of Rye”

“Village of Rye Brook”

“Rye Neck School District”




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