Chef Q&A: Cooper’s Mill’s Iain Falconer

Sitting down with the Tarrytown restaurant’s head chef


Cooper’s Mill

670 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown

Five Items in My Home Refrigerator…V8, cheese, beer, salad, hot sauce.

Dish I Do the Best…Any dish with game meat, e.g, pigeon, venison, hare. 

Culinary Hero…Anthony Bourdain. He’s creative and a rebel.

If Not a Chef, I’d Be a…landscape gardener. I love being outdoors.

Last Book Read…The Cat in the Hat to my son.

I Never Eat...Brussels sprouts. It’s the Devil’s veg.

Favorite Place to Dine Out…Brasserie Les Halles on Park Avenue in New York City.

I Hate it When a Diner at My Restaurant...orders a steak well done.

Favorite TV Show…The Good Wife.

Show I’d Like to Be On…The Amazing Race; see the world doing crazy stuff.

The Strangest Request From a Diner…To cook the trout that he had just caught.

Shoes I Wear in the Kitchen are…smelly.

The Worst Incident That Occurred in the Restaurant Was…being flooded due to a rainstorm. Customers were given umbrellas.

Favorite Late-Night Snack…Rice cake with peanut butter and hot sauce. 

Culinary School Can’t Teach…how to swear properly.

My Favorite Cookbook…Fergus Henderson’s The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating.

Most Famous Person I Ever Cooked For…Princess Margaret.

Best Thing About Cooking in Westchester…great local produce.

Best Thing About Living in Westchester…fresh air and state parks.

Three People (Living or Dead) I Would Invite to a Dinner Party…Joey Ramone, Anthony Bourdain, Sid Vicious.



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