Westchester Magazine Interviews Families of Westchester County's 9/11 Victims on the 10-Year Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks

Checking in with Westchester’s 9/11 families—10 years later.



On September 11, 2001, Westchester lost 111 of its fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives. While our communities grieved, held observances, and built memorials to their fallen, time marched on: babies who would never know their fathers were born, children graduated with conspicuously empty seats in the audience, widows found love again, and the mastermind of the attacks met his fate at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. As we discovered with the families of five Westchester residents who perished on 9/11, time—even 10 years of it—heals only so much.

"This Is Where He Is"


"I Feel Like I'm Living Her Dream"


"We're a Changed Family, But We're Still a Family"


"This Country Gave Her a New Life"


"Dear Daddy, I Need You So Much"





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