Sleepy Hollow Country Club General Manger William Nitschke on Pop Star Beyoncé Knowles' Appearance to Shoot her "Best Thing I Never Had" Music Video

The GM at Sleepy Hollow County Club won’t say, which says a lot.


Perhaps Beyoncé saw the 2010 movie The Bounty Hunter, in which Sleepy Hollow Country Club and its beautiful vistas are showcased. Perhaps that’s why, this summer, the 29-year-old pop/R&B star filmed the music video for the single, “Best Thing I Never Had,” at the club, which has been used before for commercials, Bollywood movies, and feature films like The Departed. “Some celebrities are engaging and some are not,” says General Manager William Nitschke. So how was Beyoncé? “I won’t comment on that,” he says. “But Jennifer Aniston was a sweetheart and a true all-American girl.” As with many celebrities, a handful of security guys were always around Beyoncé. “None of whom you’d want to mess with,” Nitschke notes.



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