B Lounge: Westchester County's New Full-Time Gay Bar in Valhalla, NY

The county’s newest gay bar has brought the scene back after years of inactivity.


Westchester finally has a full-time gay bar. After nearly a decade of inactivity, the owners of the late Stutz bar in White Plains are back with their new venture, B Lounge. Their Valhalla spot opened May 13 in an improtmptu fashion according to manager Kevin E. Burke. And the  feedback came quick. “A lot of people are already talking about this place,” Burke says.

Not only is B Lounge the only gay bar in the county, it’s also the only bar in Valhalla. Its proximity to the Metro-North train station doesn’t hurt, either. Owner Regina David brought her local brand of gay bars back to Westchester County to fill the void left after Stutz and other county bars closed in the early ’00s. “B Lounge is a place for everybody,” says bartender Douglas Bastos. “Even our straight customers are coming back.”

Weekly events include karaoke Thursdays, when bartender Joe Policastro steals the show while simultaneously singing and serving. “It’s all in fun and great for the guests,” Policastro says. Future regular events will include lesbian-themed parties, movie nights, drag-queen extravaganzas, and trivia nights.



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