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Manhattan investment adviser and Pound Ridge resident Jamie Wolff was wearing her own-made necklaces while shopping at Richards in Greenwich when the store’s jewelry associate stopped her. “I love your necklace!” she said. “Who made it?”. Wolff walked out with her first major order, for the über-luxe Mitchells family of fashion boutiques, which, in addition to Richards, also includes Mitchells in Westport and Marshs in Huntington, New York. Her collection continues to be sold there.

Wolff draws upon her love of fashion (“I always dressed everybody”) and a 10-year career in sales and marketing for Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani to create the necklaces ($500-$2,400) in her C&S collection (the

initials stand for her two children, Casey and Sydney). “I describe my price range as not needing pre-approval from your spouse to purchase,” she says. “It’s like buying that perfect pair of shoes or handbag to complete your look.” What’s next for the designer? A higher-end line featuring gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. You might want to consult your spouse for those. For more info: (914) 260-1961;



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