Score Card

Football season is about to begin. Here are some numbers to chew on during the commericals.


$25.5 million

Amount of money Philip Rivers, the highest-paid NFL player, made last season, which is more than Kobe Bryant ($24,806,250) but less than Alex Rodriguez ($33 million.).


The median salary for NFL players.


Number of cows needed for the leather used to supply one season’s worth of NFL footballs.


Number of calories in a 16-ounce Bud Light served at an NFL game.


Number of Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions thus far. The number of wardrobe malfunctions fans would like to witness? N/A.


Number of Westchester football players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Art Monk, who played for White Plains High School); he was inducted in 2008.


Degrees in Fahrenheit for the “Ice Bowl,” the coldest game ever played in NFL history. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17. The year was 1967.


The height in feet of Richard Sligh, the tallest NFL player thus far. The tallest basketball players ever? Gheorghe Mureson and recently deceased Manute Bol; both were 7’7”.


Total number of pounds one player’s NFL equipment (helmet, pads, cleats, and attire) weighs.


Cost of the Wilson F1100 “The Duke” football, the official football of the NFL.


Weight (in pounds) of Aaron Gibson, the heaviest NFL player. An offensive lineman, Gibson played for the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and Buffalo Bills



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