Feiner Faults

The July profile on Paul Feiner read like a Hollywood script for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with just about the same amount of fiction. Yes, Paul is going door-to-door, but his constituent inputs are for show.Regarding the Greenburgh Ethics Reform Bill, missing from ­the story was the reason for the reform: Paul. At a fundraiser in 2004, he collected $32,000-plus from developers, their attorneys, PR people, and others with active applications before various Boards in Greenburgh. Yes, Paul is a “Hamish” guy, the kind Jewish grandmothers like to “adopt.” But what you see or read is pure fiction; it’s only his facade covering up a closed-minded politician with a genius for getting re-elected.
Ed Krauss, Scarsdale

Best of Westchester?

Are you smarter than Abraham Lincoln? You would have us believe so by the complete omission of Peekskill from your Best of Westchester 2008 issue. Even Lincoln must have found some reason to stop in Peekskill, as he did on the way to his 1861 inauguration. You, on the other hand, couldn’t find any. Woe to the world because of offenses! Your issue overlooked the county’s best diner (Westchester Diner), its best theater (Paramount), its best used bookstore (Bruised Apple), and its best Lincoln Depot (Lincoln Depot), which, incidentally, are all located in Peekskill. We are not peasants for you to spit on. We are a proud, defiant people and we will not abide this contumely!
Daniel Grossman, Alison Begany,
and Dr. Cuthbert Bananamore,
The Beecher House, Peekskill

The Mow-Down

I liked the July cover. However, the last time I saw a female mow a lawn in Westchester was when my daughter did it as a consequence of some small infraction as a teen. Perhaps you should have given recognition to our neighbors south of our borders. It’s their labor that contributes to the Best of Westchester, especially our acres of lush green lawns. By the way, my daughter mowed the lawn only once or twice afterwards. So I think Ms. Davidowitz can add one more item for her list of “The Worst of Westchester 2009.”
RS Fuster, Scarsdale

Oops: In the August issue article “Blabbing with Mr. Babbo,” the name of Port Chester architect Michiel Boender was misspelled.

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